How JedeyeFX Works

See how easy it is to get your strategy set on JedeyeFX


How do I configure my strategy?

Every Expert Advisor for MetaTrader platform has a configuration section which is called Inputs. JedeyeFX makes use of such input fields to read your instructions. For instance, JedeyeFX has an input field where you set conditions it will follow to open buy positions. When JedeyeFX initializes, it reads every input data and then uses its own conditions parser to interpret human-readable conditions that you have written there and then it converts them into its own language. This way, JedeyeFX learns your strategy and it's ready to follow it strictly.

JedeyeFX is programmable but does not require me to be a programmer. How is that possible?

Since our main goal was to bring all the power of MetaTrader MQL4 programming language to the common trader, which usually does not know how to write a single line of code, we had to develop our own language, a simplistic, traded-oriented language, so that any person could easily understand it and get started with JedeyeFX right away, building and automating almost any strategy they could thing of.

So, this means I can build my own EAs?

Exaclty. You can use all MetaTrader 4 official indicators (and custom ones with plugins), mix them with each other, compare values, do almost every kind of verification/evaluation - which is usually available only in programming languages -, but in a simplistic, logical and trader-oriented way. For example, programming JedeyeFX to open a position every time MACD Signal Line gets higher than the MACD Bar can be as simple as writting this instruction: iMACD(LINE)>iMACD(BAR). The > sign means greater than, just like in mathematical expressions you already know. Everything is fully documented so that you can learn in baby steps, you have nothing to worry about.
Now imagine what you can do with all the indicators, functions and special features JedeyeFX supports. With our framework, you can build your own trading system quicker than any developer can do.