Risk Setup

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Risk Setup

In this input you must set the initial trading lot size and calculation method. In this type of inputs, you usually have the manual and auto set mode. At this time, however, only the manual mode is available but we decided to keep the set mode as the first parameter of this input for the sake of future implementations (like auto mode, for example). Besides that, you must set the risk calculation mode, which can be lots (fixed) or % (account balance percentage).

The proper format for the risk set input is the following:

[set mode: manual],[calculation mode: lots | %],[value]

For example, when you set the calculation mode to lots, you have then to set a third parameter representing how many lots you want to trade. A valid example would be the following:


The example above means that when a open buy/sell signal is triggered, orders will be opened with a lot size of 0.1.

On the other hand, if you decide setting the calculation mode to % (account balance percentage), the proper lot size will be calculated in a dynamic manner, based on a given percentage of the current account balance which you define as a third parameter, just like you do with lots in the above method.
The following configuration is a valid use case:


This will tell the expert advisor to calculate the most adequate lot size risking up to 25% of the current account balance. Note that in this calculation mode, the current Stop Loss Setup   input configuration is taken into account.