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Execution Time | JedeyeForex

Execution Time

JedeyeFX Documentation


Execution Time

This property allows setting a schedule that defines when JedeyeFX should be active or not. Currently, it is possible to specify an interval for which the expert advisor should be active. That specification must follow the format below:


Say you want the expert advisor to be active from Monday 8 AM to Friday 6 PM. This statement can be easily specified by setting the following configuration in the Execution Time:


Note that time must be set in 24 hour format, meaning that no letters (AM and PM in particular) are allowed. Both the start and end week days should be set using the words that are representative of the days themselves: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

You can easily check the current schedule status of the expert advisor by looking into the Information Box at the upper right corner. When it is active, in the information box you will see Current Status: RUNNING colored in green; if on the other hand, the expert advisor is out of the defined schedule, Current Status: SLEEPING should be seen in red color. The Sleeping status means JedeyeFX will not trigger new buy or sell tradings. However, this not necessarily means it will be completely inactive since it may still have power to close orders if required (when it gets to sleep it still cares about the orders it did open while active).

There are also commands with high priority which are taken into account even if the expert is sleeping in order to provide more security to the trader. Usually, these commands are related with orders’ closing due to events like, for example, reaching a certain profit value set in the Profit Reach Setup input.