Prices Alert Setup

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Prices Alert Setup

Sometimes it may be useful, especially for traders who like to be the ones to take final decisions regarding the opening and closing of orders, to be alerted whenever the market price of a certain currency pair is reached. JedeyeFX allows to set price-based alerts the easy way. Price are set in the Prices Alert Setup input separated by a comma, just like this: 1.3500,1.3550,1.3400.

The previous example would make the expert advisor to trigger alerts whenever the market price of the current symbol pair reaches 1.3500, 1.3550 or 1.3400. The alerts would be sent via the method specified by the trader through the Send Desktop Alert, Send Notifications and Send Email options.

To easily understand the meaning of the prices you have set when receiving notifications in devices other than the computer (i.e.: smartphone or tablet), it is also possible to set small descriptions for each of the prices defined. Price descriptions are set by adding a semicolon (:) just right after the price itself, like this: 1.3500:Resistance Price,1.3550:Sell Now,1.3400:Support Line. In this example, JedeyeFX will send a notification to the smartphone (considering the Send Notifications option is enabled and MetaTrader 4 Notification Support is properly configured) telling what price was reached (for instance, 1.3500) along with its description (Resistance Price - note that blank spaces are supported). This way, even if you are away from the computer or any other device you may use to analyse charts, you will always have some more knowledge about what kind of meaning does that alerting price has to you.