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Indicator Properties | JedeyeForex

Indicator Properties

JedeyeFX Documentation


Indicator Properties

In this section you will find all the MetaTrader 4 bundled indicators properties for setting them up in the Indicators Setup input. If you don't know yet how indicators are configured in order to use them in your conditions, you should learn more about this subject at the Indicators Setup section.

The following subsections containing all the indicator properties are segmented into the following information sections:

  • Indicator Identifier - indicator identifier used to setup an indicator and to retrieve a certain object of it.
  • Indicator Properties - indicator input parameters such as timeframe, moving average calculation method, applied price, etc.
    • Order - the order the parameter must follow when it is set in the Indicators Setup configuration. For example, the timeframe must be the first parameter of all being set. No other can be put before it. That's why its order is 1 for every indicator.
    • Input - indicator input description.
    • Type - type of the input parameter being set. It can be an integer value, a float (floating point value) or simply a keywords of an enumeration of values (such as MA Method Keyword   and Applied Price Keyword  ).
    • Default Value - the value JedeyeFX will assume for that indicator whenever no value is provided for that parameter or NULL value is provided instead.
    • Required - tells if the parameter is required or not for the indicator minimal configuration setup.
  • Indicator Objects - information about the objects which JedeyeFX can read values from.
    • Object Keyword(s) - extractable object values which can be, for instance, the MACD indicator BAR value or simply the ATR (Average True Range) LINE value.
    • Description - description for a certain indicator object.
    • Return Type - type of the value read by JedeyeFX. It can be Numeric (integer or floating point value) or Boolean (a value which only supports two states: TRUE OR FALSE). Boolean values must be checked in your conditions in a different way from numeric ones. While numeric values can be checked in conditions, just like this iMACD(BAR)>VAL(1.3400), boolean values must be checked like this iAC(GREEN)! (it means Accelerator Oscillator Bar object is Green) or iAC(GREEN)==FALSE(). You can learn more about this subject in the Order Opening/Closing Conditions   section.
  • Example - shows an example using the indicator minimal configuration required.