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JedeyeFX Documentation



This function has the same principle as the SIGNAL_CONFIRMATION   one, however, it does not consider previous signals validation (that is, if the previous signal was considered valid and if the current one is valid consecutively as well) nor number of consecutive confirmations. This function only considers the prices of the bars where the conditions checks occur. Therefore, using this function you can confirm that the current bar's price (which can be the high, low, open or close price) is higher or lower than the one of the previous signal check matching chart's bar.

Parameters comparison_level Defines if the price of the chart’s bar of the current signal being verified should be above or below than the same price type of the chart’s bar where the previous signal occurred (by default or depending on the provided signal_buffer_index value earlier). Only the following keywords are supported: ABOVE or BELOW.
ABOVE Above the price.
BELOW Below the price.
price_type Price type of the comparing chart bars.
HIGH Bar's higher price.
LOW Bar's lower price.
OPEN Bar's open price.
CLOSE Bar's close price.
Defines the minimum number of pips that should exist between the price of the previous signal verification chart’s bar to the current one. Useful to ignore small fluctuations between prices.
Allows you to define which previously stored price to check against. Everytime conditions are checked by the expert advisor, if the whole set is true, then the price defined by this function is stored for later use. Up to 9 previous prices are stored. This means that the maximum supported value for this parameter is 9. The minimum is 1 since the current bar has an index value of 0 (and its value is yet to be stored), similarly to what happens with other functions.
Single-sided Yes
Example price_confirmation(ABOVE;OPEN)!
This example configures the expert advisor so that an event is triggered (open/close orders) only if the open price of the current bar is higher than the one of the previous stored price (which is the one of the bar where the last positive signal verification occurred).
This example does exactly the same as the one above with the exception that the open price of the current chart bar being checked must always be 10 pips higher than the previous one.
This example does exactly the same as the one above with the exception that the current price is being compared against the 3rd most recent stored price and not the one immediately after as it does by default.