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JedeyeFX Documentation



Although opened orders limit control for both buy and sell orders is provided through the Max_Concurrent_Buy_Orders   and Max_Concurrent_Sell_Orders   inputs, there may be the need to individually control each of these parameters in accordance to different conditions, or taking into account the configurable input that is being set. This function provides the trader with that kind of control.

Parameters order_type Order type from which the expert should extract the total number of open orders. It can be any of these keywords: BUY, SELL or ANY.
BUY Gets total number of open buy orders.
SELL Gets total number of open sell orders.
ANY Gets total number of open buy and sell orders all together.
Single-sided No
Example iMACD(BAR)>VAL(0),opened_orders(ANY)<VAL(3)
This example tells JedeyeFX that a signal must be triggered if iMACD bar value gets higher than MACD zero line and the total number of currently open orders (both buy and sell) is less than 3.