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JedeyeFX Documentation



JedeyeFX has an advanced feature that allows to automatically set pending orders. A pending order is a virtual order which will remain pending until some pips difference from the point it is set is reached. The order is then opened, unless other inputs conditions prevent that from happening, which is possible through another action, the a:remove_pending_orders   action. It is also possible to validate the opening of pending buy or sell orders through set of conditions, similarly to Buy/Sell Open/Close Conditions  . Thus, you can use Pending Buy Open Condition   and Pending Sell Open Condition   inputs to set the conditions you want to be verified true before allowing the opening of the pending orders. Note that the supported conditions are the very same supported by the Buy/Sell Open/Close Conditions   meaning that you can even use this a:set_pending_order action on those inputs.

Parameters order_type This parameter represents the type of the pending order to be set. You can set it to BUY (buy pending order) or SELL (sell pending order).

pips_diff_1 … pips_diff_N

This parameter must be the distance in pips where the pending order should be opened. The reference point the pips are counted from is the market price where the condition is verified. You can add as many distance values as you want colon separated (very important), having in mind that the first pending order will assume the pips_diff_1 value, the second assumes the pips_diff_2 and so on.



This parameter is a special embed action command within a function. It allows to set the risk pending orders will have. If omitted, the risk will be set based on the Risk Setup   input configuration. Since this action combines multiple keywords for the same position, their meaning and order are better illustrated in the next table.
Parameters Sequency Map Risk Set Mode Parameters
manual   last_order_lot_size   add_base_lot_size
  add_lots   lots_value (lot size value to be added to the last order size)
  lots   lots_values (colon separated lot size values)
Parameters risk_set_mode Function risk set mode. It can be auto or manual. Auto mode sets the risk of pending orders based on the Auto_Risk_Value   feature. On the other hand, the manual mode allows specifying the risk values for each of the sequential pending orders.
last_order_lot_size Sets the risk to the last opened order lot size.
add_base_lot_size Sets the risk to be the sum of the last order lot size with the base lot size defined by the Risk Setup   input.
add_lots Sets the risk to be the sum of the last order size with a certain lot size value, which must be specified immediately after this parameter (lots_value).
base_lot_size Sets the risk to be the base lot size, that is, the risk set by the Risk Setup   input.
lots Sets the risk to be defined by a colon separated list of values, whose their order matches directly the sequence each pending order follows when they get opened. This list is defined in the immediately after parameter, lots_values, and may contain only one value or as many as the ones counted in the pips_diff_x parameters of the a:set_pending_order  action for matching purposes.
Notes Since in this particular case, a:risk_set  is an action which is embed to a master action there is no need to have two exclamation marks at the end of the condition; one is enough.
Single-sided Yes
Example a:set_pending_order(sell;10:12:15;a:risk_set;manual;lots;0.02:0.03:0.04)!
This example will set a sell pending order every time the full condition set where the action is set is verified true. The first sell pending order will be set to trigger at 10 pips of distance from the market price. The same goes to the second with 12 pips of distance and the third with 15 pips of distance. Since the a:risk_set   is there and it is in manual mode, then we have custom lot sizes defined. The principle is the same as the pips distance. The first sell pending order will be triggered with a lot size of 0.02, the second with 0.03 and the third with 0.04.