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A:SEND | JedeyeForex


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This action allows to send individual alerts for the events of the inputs it is written in. You can send alerts for a particular input, like for example, a Buy Open Condition  . The alerts can be sent via email or mobile notifications (or both) using MetaTrader built-in features. Although the email send function is present, it is recommended to use the mobile notifications instead due to their setup simplicity. It is also important to note that this action does not interfere with the Alerts   input section and it is only used for individual event notification purposes.

Parameters mode This parameter sets the way alerts should be sent. The supported keywords are listed below.
EMAIL Send alert via email.
NOTIFICATION Send alert via mobile notification.
Single-sided Yes
Example iMACD(BAR)>VAL(0),a:send(NOTIFICATION)!
In this example, consider that it is set in the Buy Open Condition  . Whenever the MACD indicator bar gets above the zero line, a buy order is open and a mobile notification is sent to the device ID set in the MetaTrader 4 properties.