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JedeyeFX - Strategy Automator Expert Advisor | JedeyeForex

Introducing JedeyeFX
The most powerful Expert Advisor ever made!

The new generation of Expert Advisors has arrived!
JedeyeFX does whatever you want it to do, when you want it to
and it even talks to you about every important thing it does, no matter where you are!
Set your strategy and let it do its job. It will tell you about every step it takes or important things it detects,
right through your Android and/or iOS device, just like a personal trader at your service.


Turn your strategy into a fully automated system without having any programming knowledge! We developed a simple yet powerful programming system suited for any trader, whether it is a novice or a professional. Access to the full potential of MQL4 programming language without being a developer.

Full Indicators Support

Build from simple to complex strategies using any of the 30 official MetaTrader 4 indicators and many exclusive market conditions and functions! Open and close orders automatically by combining any indicator property with other indicators properties or values, using any timeframe or specific indicator configuration.

Alerts System

Never miss any opportunities again. Set JedeyeFX to tell you about anything it does or about any market changes, no matter where you are. It will stay allways connected to your smartphone through the MT4 mobile terminal giving you peace of mind.

Built-in Plugin System

JedeyeFX is the first Expert Advisor ever made supporting any custom indicator through an advanced plugin system! Simply put, you just install the right plugin developed by us and you are ready to use your custom indicator in your strategies.

Risk Management

Have full control over the risk of your traded positions, including lot size, take profit and stop loss management. All the risk management features support dynamic actions, meaning they can be automatically changed/adjusted over the time based on the conditions you set. Break-Even and Trailing-Stop mechanisms are also available.

Advanced Features

JedeyeFX has a set of advanced alghoritms (loss recovery risk calculation, currency-balanced stop loss, etc.) and brand new features like Advanced Pending Orders (allowing, for example, to set virtual orders which may open if the trend is favorable or automatically canceled - before opening - in trend reversal situations).

Fully Documented

JedeyeFX features are fully documented with complete setup instructions and examples written in a simple and clear language accessible to any kind of trader. We also offer full support on any doubts or difficulties you may still have.

Automatic Updates

JedeyeFX will be always up-to-date with the latest features as every new version of its core and dependencies are pushed right to you system automatically.


Learn about the features that make JedeyeFX the most advanced and powerful MetaTrader tool ever made.

Limitless Strategies

JedeyeFX is different from any other Expert Advisor you may have seen. Unlike almost every EA available, JedeyeFX does not rely on a static, unreliable, success unknown strategy. Instead, it provides you a fully programmable system (specifically developed for traders) allowing you to build and test any strategy you can imagine using all the MetaTrader platform hidden potential, which until then was only available for programmers.

Multi-Purpose System

JedeyeFX is bundled with so many features that makes it a multi-purpose system. This means you are getting multiple MT4 tools joined together in a single and unified package. From a strategy automator compatible with almost any indicator to a remote monitoring system which sends condition-based alerts to you, anywhere you are. This is the effectiveness of the new EA generation.


JedeyeFX has the discipline that no human being can have, following closely the trader's line of thought (strategy) while ignoring any feeling or emotion. This is the most difficult part which any trader faces while operating manually and it can take years to master depending on the trader's psychological nature. JedeyeFX saves you years of practice by strictly following your strategy without having doubts or second thoughts.

Assisted Trading

If you belong to the group of traders who likes to be the one who makes the ultimate decisions, JedeyeFX can serve you in assistive mode, alerting you about every opportunity detected, based on the configured strategy. This way, you will always be the last one to make decisions and you will no longer need to be constantly monitoring the market, having more time for yourself. This feature is often used by traders whose their job does not provide them much time to devote to the trading activity.

Latest MT4 Compatibility

With the arrival of the newest MT4 version (build 610 and above), many Expert Advisors stoped working properly whithout having developers releasing updates to their customers, rendering most of them unusable. In contrast to that, our software engineers worked hard to make it fully compatible with the latest MT4 release and will do it again whenever it is necessary.

Made by Professionals

In order to develop a unique and high-quality Forex product, having software engineers in the team is not enough. Apart from the technical side the practical part is required. That's why JedeyeFX was developed by our engineers with guidance and counseling coming from professional traders who know how the forex market works and what resources are required to meet the needs of those who are serious about pursuing a professional trading career.

JedeyeFX offers you more, much more!

  • Exclusive Features

    • Define the allowed execution schedule.
    • Invert trading allowance on consecutive stop losses.
    • Be alerted through your iOS/Android device whenever an high price oscillation is detected during a certain timeframe.
    • Use automatic modes which are able to calculate which lot size is necessary to cover currently active orders loss.
    • Mix indicator values with chart bars properties in your strategy conditions.
    • And much more...
  • Pending Orders

    Set the opening of orders in custom levels through simple conditions, cancelling them from opening on predictable adverse conditions while controlling every aspect of them like lot size and opening distance from the point where conditions are triggered.

  • Intuitive GUI

    JedeyeFX informs you about its status and the orders it controls through a clean, non-intrusive and configurable GUI.

  • Perfection Under the Hood

    Tweak the system to optimally meet all your needs through a set of performance and behavior parameters. JedeyeFX also includes an error detector mechanism which tries to suggest you with possible fixes whenever it is possible.


It is very likely that you are a trader who did waste money on a few expert advisors before reaching us, just like many others. Being a team composed by professional traders and software engineers whom have been there a long time ago, we are going to share some thoughts with you about those developers who claim to sell the ultimate tool that will make you rich from one day to another. Lets approach their logic. Do you really believe that someone who promises such thing would need to sell it to the world if they have such a winning strategy? What for? We are tired of seeing people being scammed by these kind of "developers". The secret to your success is your devotion. After hours of testing and tuning your strategy with the right tools you will eventually get there. Of course, we might guess that you are not willing to spend the rest of your life looking at the computer screen, waiting for the best time to open and close orders. And you are right. No ones wants that. People do need time for other things. Some may have any other job at the same time - meanwhile who trades for them, LIKE THEM? In addition to that, people need time to spend money without stopping winning it. That's why we have developed such a programmable/customizable product with remote monitoring features for every kind of trader. If this expert advisor is not for you, no other is. You can have our word. Welcome to the new generation of expert advisors; make JedeyeFX think like you do without making the mistakes you usually do. You can't look at the computer screen 24/7, but now you can teach something to do it for you.
JedeyeFX is the programmable expert advisor for MetaTrader 4 which acts based on your thinking line.

JedeyeForex Team